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Sniper Pocket Book - 3rd Edition

Sniper Pocket Book - 3rd Edition
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Book Description

The aim of this book is to give the reader an insight into the world of the Military Sniper and as to provide a reference guide to both Snipers and Sharpshooters themselves.

At times I have elaborated and tried to make clear some of the lesser understood points and to separate fact from fiction.

I must also point out that although useful this book is only a guide and skill in these subjects must be learnt from practice and actual time spent shooting and in training. It is written for Snipers by Snipers.

What is not mentioned is anything deemed sensitive and operational directed. For this the sniper must refer to his own unit SOPs and advice from his unit Master Sniper/Sniper Instructor, or indeed from the Sniper Division, School of Infantry.

To this end some of the meat is purposely missing, but hopefully this book will provide the template for learning and the platform to build upon.

To those non-snipers out there, I hope that you find this book both interesting and enlightening. On today’s battlefields the snipers are truly a breed apart. Not only shaping the battlefield and destroying the enemy’s command and control ability but by keeping his many of his comrades alive by providing the “Sniper Umbrella” thus neutralizing enemy snipers and threats at long range. It is a fact that the Snipers enjoy the rewards of their prowess and all are dedicated professionals taking great satisfaction in a job well done.

It is true of the old adage to their enemy of today,

“Don’t run you will only die tired!”
Books Contents
History of the British Sniper
The Origins of the Sniper, Early Days, The Napoleonic War,  Advances in Bullet Design, The 20th Century, The First World War, World War Two, Post World War Two, Birth of the L96, Current Sniping, The L115A3, Future Weapons  - Today

Command,  Organisation Tasks and Role
Background, Role and Task, Platoon Commander, Platoon 2ic, Section Commander, Sniper (No1), Sniper (No2), Task,  Principles  of Employment, Uses in Phases of War.

Sniper Marksmanship
Ballistics, The Bullet, the Case, The Primer, The Barrel, Rifle Barrel
- Named Parts, Firing Action, Harmonics, Jump Angle, The ‘Cold Bore’ Shot, Arc of Bullet Trajectory, Culmination Point, Principles of Good Shooting, Positional Testing and Adjusting, Types of Trigger Control, Factors that Determine Good Trigger Control, The Rifle Scope, Correct Sight Alignment, Angular Shift Error, Other Conditions that could affect The Shot, Poor Shooting, Miss Drill, Alternative Shooting Positions, Sling Supported, Definition of a Group, Moving Targets, Angle Shooting Rifle Cleaning.

Sniper Fieldcraft

Introduction, The Aim of Camouflage, Why things are Seen, The Ghillie Jacket, The Ghillie Shroud and construction, The Drag Bag, Stalking, Final Firing Positions, Route Selection, Principles Effecting Movement, Withdrawal/Extraction, Sub-Surface Hide, Sniper
Sub-Surface Hides, Enlarged Fire Trench, Semi-Permanent Hide, Observation Post, Disadvantages, Viewing & Firing Apertures, The OP Log, Area Search, Orders and Rehearsals.

Judging Distance
Target Detection, Training the Eye, Light, Observation Procedures, Maintaining Observation, Scanning and Searching, Night Adaptation, The Crack & Thump Method, Shot Analysis, Sniper Thermal Image Capability,  Method of Indication of Targets,  After Action,  Reason for Indexing,  Sniper Priority Target List,  The Unit of Measure,  Other Devices.

Panoramic Sketching
What is a Panoramic Sketch? Uses of the Sketch, Principles, Building the Panoramic Sketch, Adding Detail and Shading, Summary.

Air Photography
Introduction, Use of Air Photography, Tactical use of Air Photography on Operations, Scaling Air Photography, Photo/Map Comparison,  Stereoscopy.

12 Longest Sniper Shots in History
No.12: Staff Sergeant Jim Gilliland,
No.11: Corporal Christopher Reynolds,
No.10: Petty Officer Chris Kyle,
No. 9: Sergeant Nicholas Ranstad,
No. 8: Unknown South African Sniper,
No. 7: Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock,
No. 6: Sergeant Brian Kremer,
No. 5: Master Corporal Arron Perry,
No. 4: Corporal Rob Furlong,
No. 3: Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison.
No. 2: Unknown Australian Sniper,
No. 1: Unknown Canadian Sniper

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Sniper Pocket Book - 3rd Edition

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