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Pathfinder Degrees Protractor Romer

Pathfinder Degrees Protractor Romer
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Product Description

Protractor Romers - Degrees and Mils
The plastic protractors produced in both mils and degrees have a proven track record, having been originally produced for the cadet force to enable young new cadets to learn how to use a map and compass. It also enabled them to use a 6 figure grid reference on 1:25000 or 1:50000 map.

An increased interest in a healthier lifestyle where orienteers, walkers requiring the use of map and compass, has also made the protractor useful additional.

The armed services individuals used the protractor romer extensively, it's still the cheapest protractor romer on the market.
The development of a new protractor for specialist use, for calculating dead ground for mortar, artillery and specialist military users is in development.

An essential purchase for everyone that has an interest in map reading.
Sold world wide to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, India, South Africa, USA and many of the EU countries

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Pathfinder Degrees Protractor Romer

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