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Cadets Pocket Book 2018

Cadets Pocket Book 2018
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Book Description

Cadets Pocket book, 306 pages which was first published in 1991.
Previously called the Army Cadet Pocket Book, re-covered 2012 as the Cadet's Pocket Book with the Combined Cadet Force Badge on the front to ensure that it is a general publication for Cadet Units. 2016 updated and new edition with new chapters covering a number of subject that all cadet and instructors will use.

The cadet pocket book has a large extent of subject matter. Including Drill, Map Reading, First Aid, Duke of Edinburgh, Expedition Training, Field Craft and an example is that the map reading, the content extends past the current national navigation scheme. This helps to extends your subject knowledge.

The Cadet pocket book helps to compliment the training of cadets and support adult instructors providing an excellent reference guide for the basic skill set for all cadets and assisting officers and adult instructors.

Cadets can develops their personal knowledge and skills to become a better cadet and more informed individual.

Sample Pages

Cadets Pocket Book 2018

Cover Type: PVC Cover

ISBN No. ISBN 978-1-874528-29-6

Target Gauges - Navigation Protractors