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Cadet Log Book of Training Records

Cadet Log Book of Training Records
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Book Description

Cadet log book of training records, events personal achievements & conduct.
The fact that it's the longest book title tells the story of why it's generally called the GREEN BOOK which contains 64 pages for the cadet to record their many achievements through out the cadets career.

This book was created by the late Major John Hobbis Harris, whom saw the need for a cadet to be able to keep a complete record of all their achievements themselves, the cadets unit will use a method of records cadets achievements on a secure computer system (Westminster system), cadets really can get access this system without an adults.
Cadets that use the Green Book can continue to maintain their own records and get instructors to sign off on different stages of there training, this includes shooting, all star D of E and many more qualifications.

It comes with a plastic cover to enable the log book to be kept in a decent condition.
The Green Book can even be used by the cadet as reference for good conduct.

Sample Pages

Cadet Log Book of Training Records

ISBN No. ISBN 978-1-874528-08-1

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