Loans despite Credit Bureau with immediate approval

If loans are needed despite Credit Bureau and with immediate approval, the first route usually leads to the well-known Swiss banks. Swiss banks do not check the applicant’s Credit Bureau entry and therefore issue loans even where German banks have long since issued a rejection.

Negative Credit Bureau entry

Negative Credit Bureau entry

A negative Credit Bureau entry, no matter how negative it actually is, makes no difference to Swiss banks. Conversely, of course, these still make demands on the borrower, after all, a requested loan must also be secured. For Swiss banks, this is done in a similar way to that for German credit institutions by evaluating the creditworthiness.

While Credit Bureau and income are included in the evaluation for German lenders, only income is a factor for Swiss banks. In any case, this must be available for borrowing. In addition, the chances of borrowing (and also the credit line) increase considerably if the employment is permanent or if the borrower is even an official.

Then the Swiss bank can plan better with the granting of the loans and is therefore inclined to increase the credit line, which in turn enables applicants to get a higher loan. The higher the income, the higher the borrowing is possible. In addition, the conditions may also develop slightly in favor of the borrower if the borrower has a very stable financial situation.

A negative Credit Bureau is not always a reason for rejection

A negative Credit Bureau is not always a reason for rejection

Loans despite Credit Bureau and with immediate approval are quite possible, because even with German banks, a negative note in Credit Bureau is not directly linked to a rejection. Ultimately, the type and amount of income of the borrower is always the deciding factor, because the monthly installments are ultimately used to pay the monthly installments.

As a result, borrowers with a high income still have chances for loans despite Credit Bureau and with immediate approval if they find the right direct bank through a loan comparator. The use of the renowned credit comparators on the Internet is free of charge and is absolutely non-binding until the actual application is made. In addition, credit comparators are neutral and independent, so they compare providers based on their terms and then give the borrower which provider is the most suitable candidate for their own purposes.

In this way, even inexperienced borrowers can quickly find loans despite Credit Bureau and with immediate approval and do not even have to leave the house to do so. If a provider has answered the immediate promise negatively, i.e. rejected the loan, other banks can also be contacted. The formulas for evaluating the creditworthiness of every bank are not always identical.

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